Dr. Ann Kottler
Senior AME
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Now Located in the town of
Glen Ellen, Sonoma Co

Aviation Medical Examiner
Ann E. Kottler, M.D. Senior AME

Dr. Kottler is a designated FAA Senior AME, qualified to perform First Class, 2nd and 3rd Class Exams as well
as private pilot exams.  Ann has over 20 years experience working with both commercial pilots and the FAA to
ensure compliance with all FAA requirements.

Ann was a Flight Surgeon at United Air Lines, San Francisco for 15 years providing FAA exams to the company
pilots and test pilots.   Ann decided to open her own office after leaving United in 2007.   Since that time, Ann
has continued to provide quality exams for all commercial pilots as well as private aircraft pilots

As a Flight Surgeon, Ann is experienced in aviation medicine and is knowledgeable with complex Special
Issuance requirements.   Ann is always available to answer any questions regarding the exam process and FAA

To schedule an exam, call Dr. Kottler  (415) 793-5987

email to: faamedexam@gmail.com
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