Aviation Medical Examiner
Ann E. Kottler, M.D. Senior AME
Dr. Ann Kottler
Senior AME
Dr. Ann Kottler

USA FAA Senior AME, First Class, 2nd and 3rd Class Exams.

Flight Surgeon for United Air Lines for 15 years, providing First Class
FAA exams for United Air Lines Pilots and those that hold private pilot's
As a Flight Surgeon, Ann is experienced in aviation medicine and is
knowledgeable with complex Special Issuance requirements.   Ann is
always available to answer any questions regarding the exam process
and FAA requirements.

To schedule an exam, call Dr. Kottler  (415) 793-5987

email to: faamedexam@gmail.com
All exam forms must be
completed online at the
FAA website prior to